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Rohingya repatriation yet to be completed


Cox’sbazar, 12 October 02: A decision of an inter-ministers meeting regarding completion of repatriation of all the Rohingya refugees to their home land could not be executed as their actual number could not be determined, according to today’s the independent.


The decision was taken in the meeting held Dhaka on June 3 to the effect that the repatriation of all the Rohingya refugees must be completed by 2003 and that check posts of army be set up at the borders to check the intrusion of the Rohingya.


The factor that delayed the execution of the decision was the lack of non-coordination among the people who were entrusted with the task of preparing the lists of Rohingya living illegally in Ukhia Township of district.


The preparation of lists of the Rohingyas as per directives from the higher authorities for the determination of the actual number of the Rohingyas was not done properly.


The Home Ministry under the urge from the Director General of the BDR, Hill Tracts Zone to take necessary measures for repatriation of the Rohingyas and to check their further intrusion issued an order to the Deputy Commissioner of Cox’sbazar on June 3, to prepare the lists of the Rohingyas.


The order was handed down to the union parishad chairmen via Upazila Nirbahi Officers, who received it from the Deputy Commissioner on June 18. No lists containing the actual number of the Rohingyas excepting the lists prepared by five union parishad chairmen reached the Deputy Commissioner.


The number of Rohingyas mentioned in the fives lists was not reliable as different sources indicated that the number of the Rohingyas living illegally in Ukhia Township would be 50,000.


The sources said the chairmen and members of the union parishads under the township elections ahead, do not dare to run the risk of losing the voters bank. In preparing the lists, they did not include the names of thousands of Rohingyas in the lists as they had already been enrolled as voters.


Earlier, the commission of Rohingya Refugees and Repatriation, Cox’sbazar mentioned the number of the Rohingyas living illegally in the districts of Cox’sbazar and Bandarban above two hundred thousands.


Meanwhile, Member of Parliament fro Teknaf-Ukhia constituency, Shahjahan Chowdhury mentioned the number above 2.50 lakh, saying that it is high time that the government took measures for the repatriation of Rohingyas. #