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Landmine blast kills one and injures five in western Burma

 Maungdaw, 3 November 02: On October 21, a landmine blast on Burma Bangladesh border killed a Burmese army sergeant and injured five others, according to our correspondent quoting a Nasaka border security police source.

The blast occurred at a distance of about 500 m north of Kathay village which is a model village built for Burmese settlers from Burma proper in Maungdaw Township close to the Bangladesh border.

When a group of army personnel were conducting the cleanliness drive in the area headed by Captain Kato (LIB 263, Buthidaung), a landmine (KaKa-2 type) planted in the ground suddenly blasted off severing the left leg of Sergeant Htin Win and injuring five other regulars. On way to hospital the sergeant died from profuse bleeding. The cleanliness drive was done to stage a welcoming celebration for the Burmese settlers.

The Burmese junta have alleged that the mine was planted by the opposition groups across the borders, said the source. Many people in the area told our correspondent that, during the year 2000, hundreds of landmines were planted in the area by the Burmese junta which were never properly identified and recorded, and which remain unaccounted for causing the deaths of people and wildlife every now and then. The death of Sergeant Htin Win was no exception.