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4000 Evicted Rohingyas camp near Teknaf border

Dhaka, 20th November 02: Evicted by a combined police and army drive, at least 4,000 Muslim Rohingyas have taken shelter at a makeshift camp nears Teknaf border, according to the daily star.

Apart from the 21,000 Rohingya refugees living in the town refugee camps in the country, a number of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar are living in the border area said the township administration.

These Rohingya people are living in hardship under open sky near the Teknaf Township office. Most of them do not want to go back to Burma. Severe torture by the Mogh ( Rakhaing) people compelled them to leave to country, they noted.

However, the administration remained tight-lipped about whether these Rohingya Muslims are refugees. #