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White Elephant on its trip to Rangoon

Sittwe, 3 December:  Another white elephant from Rakhine State in the western part of Burma is on its way to Rangoon, the capital, according to our correspondent quoting officials.

The elephant reached Sandway (Thandway), the coastal tourist resort of western Burma, in the evening of the day before yesterday.  Light Infantry Battalion 34 was in charge of transporting the elephant from Sittwe to Thandway.  From Sandway Light Infantry Battalion 55 was taking all necessary steps to ship her on the same evening to Rangoon. 

The elephant was previously brought from Buthidaung to Sittwwe on 21 November.  A group of troops led by Lieutenant Colonel Aung Naing Tun carried the white elephant on the tugboat, Ye-gyant to Sittwe.

The four-year old cow elephant was captured on July 18th this year at a point between Buthidaung and Rathedaung in the
Mayu Hills Range.  Department of Forest Produces Manager, U Nyunt Way, led a team to capture the elephant.  The team temporarily paralyzed her using an anaesthetic shot before capturing her.

The white cow elephant stands 4ft 8in, has white hair, coconut shell coloured skin, pearly white eyeballs, white nails, and one-and-a-half-foot long task. 

Last year two more so-called white elephants were captured in the same region.