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Indo-Burma Joint Survey in
Western Burma


Sittwe, 16 January 03: Beginning December 17th last year a joint Indo-Burma survey team has been operating in the hills of western part of Burma bordering with India, reported our correspondent.


The area close to the northeastern state of Mizoram is home to Rakhaing, Khami and Chin nationalities. Though the region is part of Chin State for most of the supplies it has to depend upon Rakhine State downstream the common Kaladan River.


The survey of existing jungle paths by the joint team is part of a plan to construct a connecting road to Rakhine State directly from the northeastern Indian state. Three survey teams composed of and led by Indian and Burmese engineers have been working in the area in three different teams to cover the entire region.


A Burmese engineer, U Thein Han, and two of his Indian counterparts including Mr Chandra are leading team one. U Sai Gyaw and his Indian counterpart Mr Bose are leading team two and other six team members. U Win Hlaing and his Indian counterpaprt Mr Chandra Dey including four team members are leading the third team.


The survey is said to build a motorable road in the hard to reach areas, according to official sources. A retired road and highways engineer also told our correspondent that though the survey is basically for road construction, the inclusion of Indian engineers and team members indicates that the gas pipeline for export of natural gas from the offshore gas field in Rakhine State to India may also be built through this new joint initiative.


The upper region of the Kaladan River is also rich in forest resources. The new road will open up market for sea resources of Rakhine State into the inaccessible reaches in the Indian northeastern frontier provinces. The underdeveloped western Burmese State will also become a market for the consumer products and medicines from India.


The villages in which the group are working include Mreikwa just a walking distance from Mizoram border, and other villages downstream including Tarwaingaing a busy trading place in the inaccessible area, about fifty miles north to Paletwa, the western township of Chin State, north to Rakhine State.

Meanwhile, our correspondent saw the members of the Burmese Army accompanying the survey teams forcing the villagers in the area to give rice, chicken, goats and other edibles to them.

The survey is scheduled to complete on 31st March, according to the sources in the team. #