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Burmese Gems in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Dhaka, 3 February:  The Burmese stall at the ongoing Dhaka International Trade Fair has become well-known for selling ‘the most costly items’, according to a stall-owner in the fair.


The items to be found in the Burmese gems stall include gold jewellery with precious Burmese stones like emerald, ruby, jade, sapphire and diamonds as well as cultured pearls.  The ornaments are priced at 2500 to half a million taka, which is equal to US$50 to $9,000.  For the fair-goers the Burmese jewellery has a different kind of appeal since the general people here are not much aware about the value of precious stones.


The stall-owner also said that, the items in the Burmese stall catch the eyes of the affluent and high-ranking officials with dubious earnings.  About two dozen of Burmese sales persons including beautiful girls have been running the stall, said our correspondent.


On being questioned the salespersons declined to tell the exact sales proceedings of the day but confirmed that the sale is satisfactory.  The Burmese flag is seen flying on top of the stall.  Security guards have been posted outside and only one door for entrance and exit marks the Burmese uniqueness.


Other stalls in the fair include those from China, Thailand, Iran, India and Pakistan.  The month-long trade fair will come to an end on the 8th this month.  #