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Burmese Junta leaders come visiting western Burma


Sittwe, 4 February:  Since the organizational tour by the Burmese Opposition leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in December, top-level junta leaders have visited townships across Rakhine State in western Burma, reports our correspondent quoting sources in the establishment.


Secretariat Member of Union Solidarity and Development Association, an association set up by the ruling Burmese junta, Brig Gen Kyaw Hsan on a brisk tour told the executives and organizers of the township USDA in Sittwe, the capital of the state on 23 January that members of the association should take part in nation-building tasks and organize people and sharpen their ability. 


On December 22 and 23, vice-president of Myanmar Child and Maternal Welfare Association, Dr Khin Win Shwe, wife of the junta leader Khin Nyunt, came to visit Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships bordering with Bangladesh.  On 23 December she addressed a gathering of six hundred participants at Thirimingala Hall at Maungdaw town.  There she was handed over a ‘donation’ of about thirteen million Burmese kyats forcefully collected from the local business community and general public.  She urged the townspeople to be more vigilant about the external ‘interference’ and hoped to get more ‘donation’ for the ‘suffering mother and child’ who are well taken care of by her ‘association’, our correspondent quoted a business leader who attended the meeting.


On January 14, the junta vice president General Maung Aye came to Kyauktaw where he met 315 military officials at the Nawarat Hall in Strategic Headquarters 9 (SaKaKha 9).  There he called on the ‘brave sons’ of the country to come forward with ‘rejuvenated vigour’ in serving the army and the people on the face of changing geopolitical situation.  He was also warning them about the danger of national ‘disintegration’ if the present junta would give up power to forces other than the armed forces, sources said.  On the following day he visited Mrauk-u, the ancient city of Rakhine State, where he visited the famous Shitthaung Shrine and also the ruins of the ancient Mrauk-u palace site.  Many of the townspeople believe that he came to the city like many of the other junta officials to perform black magic rites to lengthen military rule.


On January 13, brigadier general Kyaw Win, head of the Rangoon military intelligence headquarters, also came to Mrauk-u and returned the following day.  He asked the local military officials why there were twenty thousand people attending Daw Suu’s meeting and who were the masterminds in organizing National League for Democracy in the city, sources said.  He also said that there will be surprises in Rakhine State in the coming months for which the military officials should be alert.  He also asked about the increased cases of dissertation within the armed forces, sources said.


The visit of high ranking junta officials to Rakhine State is seen as an effort by the Burmese junta to check the influence of Daw Suu and her political ideology of democratic reform, political analysts said.  Soon after the visit of the charismatic opposition leader a large number of members of the armed forces have deserted their uniformed life, it was learnt.  Fearing the far-reaching influence of the ideologies of Daw Suu that made very large numbers of Rakhine people attend her meetings even disregarding the verbal threat of the military, junta leaders from Rangoon have recently visited the western state of Burma on organizational tours, marked a veteran judge in the town.  Besides, he said, there are also many things moving very fast here, including construction of new roads and bridges since the discovery of gas in the offshore areas of Rakhine coast.  The prospect of immense proceeds from any deals with the oil giants from the Rakhine gas field has driven the junta leaders crazy, which clearly indicates that there are many other reasons except giving routine calls by the junta heads here, he added.  #