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Security Forces nab Woodcutters for bribes

Buthidaung, 24 February: 
On 30th January a group of eighteen woodcutters were arrested in Buthidaung Town in the western part of Burma bordering with Bangladesh.

Our correspondent quoting an inside source said that, the eighteen woodcutters were arrested while they were carrying 10,000 bamboos and 130 firewood logs for use in brick kilns.  Sub Inspector Zaw Linn of Taung-bazar Area Nasaka Security Station demanded kyat 10,000 as bribe from the woodcutters on the plea of the absence of official permission to cut and carry the logs and bamboos.

As they expressed their inability to pay the bribe money the woodcutters were thrown behind bars and preparations have been made to charge them with existing Forestry Laws.  Most of the detainees are from Dahbaing Sara Village under Buthidaung Township.  The names of the detainees are:  Muhammad Ruhul (35), Abu Taiyab (35), Faruq Ullah (16), Syed Alam (23), Abu Faiyaz (19), Rabi (20), Abu Syed (14), Abu Tayiab (20), Muhammad Salim (25),  Syed Amin (18),  Muhammad Anu (17), Zafar Ullah (16), Nazrul Modi (16), Nur Ahmed (25), Muhammad Rafique (14) from Ahng-chaung Padana Village, Muhammad Aru (30), Faiyaz Islam (20), and Syed Ahmed (40) from Mukittha Village.    

On inquiry our correspondent came to know that, the bamboos and firewood from forests could be cut and sold on payment of revenue at Military tollgates in rivers, creeks and roads.  #

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