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Death sentence for 14 alleged murderers of Burmese policemen

Maungdaw, 27 Feb. 03: 
Fourteen alleged murderers of four policemen in the western Burmese township of Maungdaw have been awarded death sentence and ten years’ rigorous imprisonment on two counts, according to our border correspondence.

The accused were allegedly charged with the murder of four members of the police force and a prostitute at Laungdung police outpost in the northern Maungdaw Township in the night of 23rd November 2001.  The case numbers of the prosecution charges lodged by the Maungdaw police are: Pa-222/2001, under the Criminal Code 302/114, and Pa  223/2001, under the Criminal Code (2  1)  1 Ka.  The charges on involvement in the murder were submitted to the Maungdaw District Court with the number of cases as: 8/2002, 9/2002, which were given subsequent hearing according to the quotes of a lawyer to our correspondent.

After a number of hearings each of the accused 14 persons were ‘found guilty’ and awarded the sentences on 18th February 03 according to Penal Code 2-(1) Ka for ten years’ RI.  Then on another count the same persons were awarded death sentence according to Penal Code 302  (1) Kha  34, according to courtroom sources.

On the night of the 23rd November 01 the policemen and a prostitute were murdered by strangulation with nylon chords and six guns (three M16s, -one BA 52 Sten, one 0.303 light machine gun, and one 0.303 rifle) with a large number of rounds of bullets were stolen. According to the forensic report the dead were drugged with alcohol laced with powerful tranquilizer before the murder. The missing arms and ammunition have not yet been recovered.

The names of the accused in the murder case are: Nurul Bashar, Osman Gani, Gonira, Nur Muhammad, Habib Ullah, Zahabur Rahman, Nurul Islam, Abu Quasem, Syedul Amin, Ruhul Amin, Shamsul alam, Qader Hussein, Bashir Ahmed, and Khairul Amin, all of whom hail from Laungdung Village

On 19th this month all the accused have been moved to Sittwe Jail in the capital of Rakhine State, in the western part of Burma, for carrying out the execution, added our correspondent.

Some of the villagers alleged that the actual murderers who escaped with the guns and ammo have never been found, and it is thought that the real perpetrators must have crossed the border to a neighbouring country.  #