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Manipuri People’s Army holds 17th Armed Forces Day in Burma!

Maungdaw, 4th March 03:  The Manipur People’s Army, an outfit of the United National Liberation Front (UNLF), a dissident group from North-east India held the Armed Forces Day in western Burma, our border correspondent quoted reliable sources in the Nasaka Burmese security services.

On February 9th at 9 in the morning the 17th Armed Forces Day of the Manipur People’s Army was held at the Conference Hall at Natala Ngaraing-chaung Village (Model Village) in the northern part of Maungdaw Township, only five hundred metres from the Bangladesh border at Taungbro village on the Bangladeshi side.  Thirty-four armed members, 12 of whom were women, attended the ceremony.  The groups that participated consisted of:  People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Kang Lei Pak Communist Party (KCP), Kang Lei Yawal Kangla Lup  Manipur Liberation Organization (KYKL) - all of them forming the alliance, MPLF, and their members hailing from Manipur State in India.

Amar-wai-Kham, a captain from UNLF, and Surjit Chowdhury, a captain from KCP came from India  Burma common border to attend the day’s celebrations.  The function was opened with the national anthem and continued with promise to continue the struggle depending on the coordinated strength of the people and the armed groups who came to attend the function.  The celebration continued till about noon

In recent days a number of families from North-east India, especially Manipur, have settled down in the western part of Burma where the ruling State Peace and Development Council junta built a number of what they call as Natala ‘model villages’, sources said.  #