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WHO Team visit the ongoing vaccination project in western Burma

Maungdaw, 6th March 03: 
On 27th February a WHO team visited vaccination centres in the northern part of Rakhine State, in western Burma, according to a doctor engaged in the project. 

The visiting team included Dr Rosette Navora and Ms Karitado and Dr Kyi Myint from UNHCR, Maungdaw, Dr Hla Tun from the government township hospital, who went to Kyin-chaung Village Tract Hospital, under Nasaka Area #4  Kring-chaung.  There the team held a formal meeting with the health assistant and other ten health workers, inquiring about the ongoing vaccination project. 

From there the team went to Phah-watt-chaung village dispensary under Nasaka Area #5, where they met the midwife and other four health workers including twenty-five villagers.  There the team inquired of the village council chairman Maung Fo Wai, of the ongoing vaccination programme in the area funded by the World Health Organisation.  The vaccination programme includes preventive shots against Polio, Measles, Whooping cough, Tetanus, Tuberculosis and Pneumonia. 

On 26th February the team went to the Buthidaung Township hospital and met the doctors, health workers and NGOs working in the area inquiring about the ongoing health and vaccination programmes. 

The visit of the WHO team has been aimed at making inquiries into the irregularities in the health programmes implemented in the respective areas and inspecting the overall healthcare practices in the most neglected part of Burma#