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Burmese Army ransack Nasaka Security and Toll Gate

Ann, 28th March 03:
  On March 19th about thirty members of the Burmese Army ransacked the security and toll gate of the Nasaka Security forces at Ann Town, our correspondent reported quoting an eyewitness.

The tollgate, No. 25, is situated on the Sittwe Rangoon Highway, near Ann Township.  The members of the Burmese Army came from Sa-Ah-Ya Battalion 919 (Militatry Police?) stationed close to the Nasaka security station.  At 7-45 in the evening the troops came and ransacked the tollgate and broke all the windows of the Nasaka office and other living quarters.

The hostile act was prompted by an altercation between a Sergeant Major Win Hlaing of Sa-Ah-Ya Battalion 919 and security guards from the Nasaka at the tollgate No.25.  According to the report, Win Hlaing was riding a motorcycle and was about to cross the tollgate when the guards at the gate challenged him.  The Sa-Ah-Yah sergeant got enraged at the challenge and returned to his quarters where he appealed to the members of his battalion.  Immediately about thirty members of Sa-Ah-Ya returned with bricks and stones, wielding sticks. For about half an hour they attacked with whatever missiles and sticks they could lay hands on and wounded some family members of the Nasaka troops.

The Sa-Ah-Ya troops had been dissatisfied for long for all the harassments they had to face from the Nasaka guards all the time they crossed the tollgate.  Besides the discrepancy in earning ‘black money’ resulting from checks in the tollgate that has made the Nasaka personnel very rich while the Sa-Ah-Ya personnel have been forced to live on the meagre salary the military regime gave them  a simmering dissatisfaction have been running deeply between the two battalions, commented the source.  This coupled with the harassment must have  instigated such action.

Only when Lieutenant Colonel Htay Lwin from the Sa-Ah-Ya battalion rushed to the spot the situation was brought under control.  No arrests or departmental action because of the incident has yet been reported.  #