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Western Command orders stoppage of rice purchase

Sittwe, 28 May 03: 
The Western Command in Rakhine State in the western part of Burma have issued orders for stopping rice purchases effective immediately on 27th April 03, our correspondent quoting a source in the Burmese Army said.

The directive included strict orders for the members of the Burmese Army to avoid either purchase or collection of rice from any person including the rice merchants. 

The order issued also carried warnings of harsh actions for those found dealing in rice in conjunction with growers or sellers of rice.  All the state agencies including the Agriculture and Farm Produce Trading and Agricultural Mechanization Department as well as the state, township and village administrations have strictly been ordered not to engage in the trade, purchase or sales of rice, effective from the date of the issue of the order.

The farmers who fail to pay up last year’s loan in the form of advance money distributed by the junta have been strictly directed to pay up the debt before October this year.   

Previously the farmers in the state were forced to give three bushels of rice for the consumption of the members of the Burmese Army, Intelligence Department, Police and other law enforcing agencies besides the regular twelve bushels to the junta for each acre of land cultivated.  A farmer wondered if the three bushels an acre would be exempted this time.  #