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Arakanese Opposition: on Friday Massacre

Dhaka, 10 June 2003: 
The Arakan Independence Alliance, an umbrella organization of the National United Party of Arakan and Arakan Rohingya National Organization, welcomed the strong stand taken by the US in consideration of imposing further sanctions against the ruling Burmese military clique due to the crisis arising from the recent De-Pe-Yin massacre on 30th May in a statement released on 8th June 03.

The (ruling Burmese) junta is killing time, it said, without any interest for a meaningful political dialogue for national reconciliation and peaceful solution guaranteeing self-determination and equal rights to all the peoples of Burma.

The AIA demanded immediate release of all political leaders and appealed to the visiting UN envoy to have a look at the people of Arakan who have been facing large-scale persecution, genocide and ethnic cleansing.  It also urged all the opposition forces to take a united and concrete stand for a clear-cut result  either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ and not ‘hallucination’.

In yet another statement, the All Arakan Students’ and Youths’ Congress observed on 6th June 03 that the latest crisis in Burma was, what it finds, an  ‘intentional creation by SPDC’ to show UN special envoy ‘their real attitude’.  It condemned the arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi and the closure of educational institutions and urged the SPDC junta to release all detainees including Suu Kyi, reopen educational institutions and start reconciliation dialogue with Aung San Suu Kyi-led opposition.  It also added that the latest clashes indicate the insincerity on part of the SPDC junta for a national reconciliation.

In an interview the chairman of AASYC, U Kyaw Han also said that the Friday killings only shows how reluctant   the SPDC junta is when it comes to the dialogue for restoration of democracy, prosperity of the country and reconciliation.  Unless the junta follows the tripartite dialogue, the time has come for the people of Burma to wage another ‘8-8-88’  hinting the popular uprising for democracy of 1988.  He also called for a blanket visa ban on the members of the Burmese junta-sponsored USDA party besides that of the SPDC junta by the world.  #