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Forced Labour in the Road through the Mayu Ranges

Rathedaung, 25rd June 03:
  The construction of a motorable road connecting Rathedaung and Maungdaw townships in Rakhine State, in the western part of Burma, has been underway since January this year, according to our correspondent. 

Forced labour has been widely used in the road that runs through the middle section of the Mayu ranges, which will connect the Mayu and Naaf Rivers

The Naaf River serves as the common border between Burma and Bangladesh.

The road is being constructed under the direct supervision of Lieutenant Colonel Aung Naing Tun  commander of the tactical unit at Buthidaung.  An elderly man working in the road told our correspondent that the villagers from the western bank of the Mayu River are being conscripted for the construction of the road.

Each morning villagers from Athak-Naingra, Auk-Naingra, Belami, Shwet-Prung, Chinn-Rwa, Thanga-net, Navi-cheik, Paingphaw-brung, Kan-brung, Thabre-daw, Zedi-brung, Thaya-gung, etc. are seen forced to work in the road.  The nature of jobs include embankment, carrying of stone chips and bricks, mortar, and other road construction materials.

Our reliable source said that the road is entirely made by the order of the army and no NGOs or any government departments have been engaged in constructing the road.  #