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Dhaka won’t allow territory for anti- Burma military regime acts

Dhaka, 7 July 03
: Bilateral relation between Bangladesh and Burma received a positive spurt with Dhaka’s assurance to the visiting Burma FM, Win Aung, that Dhaka will not allow its territory for use by any power to harm Burma, According to the daily star.

“ Non-interference in the internal affairs of another country is our principled stand,” said Foreign Secretary Shaansher Mobin Chowdhury while briefing journalists on the talks held yesterday between the two foreign ministers in Dhaka.

The visit follows relentless pressures from US and many Western nations on Burma to set free the captive pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and to improve human rights condition.

The foreign secretary maintained that Dhaka obtained commitments from the visiting Burma FM to tack back the stranded Rohingya refugees; to move ahead with the construction of the Dhaka-Rangoon highway; and to obtain Burma’s diplomatic support for Bangladesh’s membership in the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF).

The foreign secretary also confirmed that the Burma FM handed over a letter to The Prime Minister on behalf of the Burma junta leader.

While Bangladesh Foreign Secretary declined to disclose the content of the letter, The Daily Star has learnt that the letter sought assurance from Bangladesh that Bangladesh’s land, Air or sea will not be allowed for use by any country for military purpose against Burma

The foreign Secretary said Burma expects Bangladesh to be the first country to obtain membership of the ARF.” We unequivocally support your membership in the ARF”, the foreign secretary quoted the Burma FM as saying. 

The meeting between two foreign ministers made progress in threshing out various details for the construction of the Dhaka-Rangoon road. The issue gathered dust for a while as India proposed a different route to connect India’s remote Northeast region through the proposed Asian highway.

On the question of political instability and human rights abuses in Burma, the foreign secretary said, “ we want no foreign interference in Burma. We want stability, development, cooperation and wish Burma well.”

The visit highlights the difficulties that the Burma military regime is facing amid diplomatic pressures and insinuated military threats from the US. The courting of Dhaka’s friendship at this critical hour seems too important to Burma, the paper said.

“Of course we want democracy in Burma”, said the foreign secretary in response to a question. “ But we oppose any kind of external intervention in Burma’s internal affairs”, he emphasised.

The Burma FM arrived in Dhaka on Saturday and left yesterday for Delhi. He is expected to carry the support for non-interference in his country’s internal affairs from another of SPDC’s closest neighbours, India. #