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Burma and Bangladesh held Flag Meeting

Maungdaw, 16
th July 03:  On 6th and 7th July the border police forces of Burma and Bangladesh met at Aung-yeik-tha Hall, three miles east of the Burmese border town of Maungdaw, on the Naaf River that serves as the common border of the two countries, sources in the Nasaka Border Security Police said.

Brigadier Aung Ngwe, the commander-in-chief of the Nasaka border security police in Rakhine State in the western part of Burma, attended the flag meeting. He was leading an eleven-member group in the talks. From the Bangladesh side Brigadier Sheikh Muhammad Mahmudur Islam, the chief of the Chittagong area BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) led the team of eight members who attended the round of talks. 

In the flag meeting the Burmese side asked for a solution and end to the anti-Burmese junta rebel groups operating from inside Bangladesh.  On the other hand the Bangladeshi side demanded a solution to the large scale smuggling from Burma and prevention of continual infiltration of the “Bengali-speaking” Burmese nationals into Bangladesh.

They also discussed the way to prevent the spread of deadly SARS virus by introducing compulsory medical examination of the travellers on both sides of the border. 

On the 7th July evening the two commanders played golf at the Mayu golf course at Maungdaw before Brigadier Islam’s return, he added.  #