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Arakanese Political parties welcome US sanctions on Burma

Dhaka, 18
th July 03:  Following US House of Representative’s overwhelming vote in favour of sanctioning Burma, the Arakanese political parties in exile in a statement dated today welcomed the move.

Seven Arakanese political parties representing the Arakanese people welcomed the 418 -2 House vote on 15th July 03 that occurred a month after the 97 -1 Senate vote.  They hoped the move would give a strong support to the cause of restoration of democracy.

The economic sanctions against the Burmese junta will only affect a handful of the workers and the majority people will not be affected, they hoped.  Because the people of Burma have been subjected to the worst kind of oppressions and repressions by the ruling military junta of Burma self-styled as State Peace and Development Council (SPDC).   The interest of the majority Burmese should be taken into account, while that of the few junta minions should be disregarded, the statement said.

If actions against the SPDC junta are not taken by the world, incidences of gruesome massacre more horrific than that of the 30th May would soon follow, it said.  

Besides the parties called for the international societies including the EU, ASEAN, Japan and other neighbouring nations to give pressure to the Burmese junta for restoration of democracy as envisaged by the people in general by giving full support to the economic sanctions imposed by the US and stopping all the present relationship with the junta.

The signatories of the statement included: Arakan League for Democracy (Exile), National United Party of Arakan, Arakan Liberation Party, All Arakan Students and Youths Congress, Rakhine Women’s Union, Arakan Labour Association, and ROE (Rakhine Overseas in Exile).  #