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Millionaire Military Intelligence agent arrested

Kyauktaw, 29
th July 03:  A Burmese Military Intelligence officer in western Burma has been arrested on corruption charges in the first week of July, sources in the police department said.

The officer-in-charge of Kyauktaw Township Burmese Military Intelligence, Battalion  10, Sergeant Myo Khin was arrested for ‘possessing unexplainable quantity of properties’ including one thousand acres of agricultural land, twelve cars and buses, and forced money-lending to farmers in the area, estimated value kyat fifteen million.

He was arrested after a local retired army sergeant, Kyaw Shwe Aung, brought a corruption charge against the accused last month.    Since the arrest an investigation has begun to assess the true value of the wealth he has illegally amassed through threat, extortion and misuse of power.

Residents in the township said that the man has been involved in the illegal trade of hard drugs including heroin, Phensedyl (an expectorant made in India but widely misused as sedative and drug), and illegal logging. 

“Each of the seventeen township Military Intelligence units in Rakhine State has one sergeant as officer-in-charge who wield indefinite power over all sectors and commercial activities, etc.  This has rendered them rich and above suspicion.  An example: fearing legal actions an MI sergeant, Myint Aung, who was posted at Mrauk-U Township, has recently retired from his job and is setting up a bus terminal, Shwe Pyi Thaik, in Sittwe” a local businessman said.  #