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Women Empowerment Training for Burmese refugee women in Bangladesh

Dhaka, 30
th July 03:  The Human Rights Education Institute of Burma based in Thailand conducted a five day long women empowerment training among the female Burmese refugees in Bangladesh that ended yesterday.

According to the trainer the sessions included classes on leadership, women empowerment, organizational activities, and women’s rights.  Twenty women from four political organizations  Arakan Women’s Welfare Association, Arakan League for Democracy, Rakhine Organization in Exile, and Arakan Labour Association (Exile)  attended the training. 

The training was conducted in Dhaka between 25th and 29th July.  A woman attending the training programme told Narinjara that the training is the first of its kind conducted by HREIB in this part and it opened up immense opportunity for the attending Burmese women who have been forced to leave their own home and hearth for a difficult life in foreign countries.  The contents in the training would change their lives because they have learned many unknown facts about the rights and leadership especially when it comes to the rights of Burmese women. 

In the closing session the women participants spontaneously arranged a small show of songs and dance, while the trainer sang a song to give a finishing touch to the lively but useful workshop.  #