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Luring villagers into Burmese Army

Buthidaung, 31
st July 03:  Three young villagers in western Burma have been enticed into joining the military services, according to a relative of the recruits.

The three teenagers are illiterate and of minor age, the relative added.  The man also said that the Burmese Army has for some time been paying money as enticement for attracting more recruits.

The names of the new recruits are: Maung Shwe Sein (16), son of U Kyauk Pan, Maung Thein Win (17), son of U Aung Tha Gyaw, and Maung Pru Thein (16), son of U Ba Thein, from Kring-chhaung Village under Buthidaung Township, close to the Bangladesh border.  The village is situated in the northern part of the township close to Maungdaw, and is about eighty miles north of Sittwe, the capital of Burmaís western Rakhine State.

According to the villager the parents of the new recruits were given kyat 20,000 for each of their children on July 15th as a temptation to encourage more of the villagers to join the Burmese Army.

On inquiry we came to know that the Burmese Army at present has adopted a new strategy of luring new conscriptions by paying money to the parents of the individual recruits. #