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KNLA on SPDC allegations for bomb blasts

Dhaka, 7
th August 03:  In a statement datelined 6th August 03 the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) has refuted the State Peace and Development Council junta (SPDC) of Burmaís claims that the KNLA is to blame for the bomb blasts on 26th July in a press conference, on 15th May in Phyu Town cinema hall (movie theatre) and two time bombs blast in Taungoo on 27th July.   

In the statement the KNLA also denied the SPDC allegations of an arrested Saw Mra Seinís association with KNLA Brigade II and that the entire scheme of carrying out the blasts was masterminded by the Brigadier Mae Ae Sein of KNLA.

Saw San Bhay (aka) Saw Mra Sein hails from Taungoo Town of Bago Division in Burma proper and engaged as a worker in a timber trade and he has no connection with KNLA whatsoever.  The illegal arrest and indictment of Saw Mra Sein as having connection with KNLA is an SPDC scheme, the statement said.

Though KNLA is engaged in a struggle against the SPDC-sponsored state-level terrorism, it has never been a terrorist organization like SPDC.   The Burmese junta has been sponsoring such acts of terrorism in a number of townships only to discredit KNLA and increase oppressive acts against the people and political parties.

Through a prearranged scheme the Burmese SPDC junta has been planning and conducting such heinous terrorist acts to divert the attention of the people and the world at large from the Depeyin massacre on 30th May that was aimed at assassinating Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and U Tin Oo of the National League for Democracy.  With the lone aim of destroying the political opposition the SPDC junta has systematically been carrying out its terrorist campaign against the people, students, monks and political organizations.  In conclusion the statement urged everyone in Burma to be vigilant against the heinous anti-people terrorist schemes of the Burmese SPDC junta now, and in future. 

The KNLA is the armed wing of the Karen National Union, a guerrilla outfit fighting for self-determination since Burmaís independence in 1948.  #