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Rice for workers lost in a truck accident

Maung Daw, 22th August 03 :
A truck from the World Food Program (WFP) rolled over in Maung Daw Township, on July 31st. 

The truck was carrying rice for the workers of the road project between Oo Daung and Daw Ra Khali.  The rice bags were lost in the river.

The driver, Adu Shaku, lost control of the truck (registration number Kha 9339), which rolled over into a river, losing all of its100 rice bags.  The driver and the WFP employee, Nural Samlin, were seriously injured in the accident.

Since the military junta could not build or mend the road in the township, the foreign NGOs had to help build them.  This section of the road between Oo Daung and Daw Ra Khali is sponsored by the WFP.#