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The Bangladesh army seized a large quantity of arms and ammunition from Arakanese Forces

Dhaka, 30th August 03:  The Bangladesh Army seized a large amount of arms and ammunition from Arakanese forces. After a battle with the Arakanese rebel forces on Monday (25/08/2003) night, the Bangladesh Army arrested one rebel and killed another, According to local news agencies.

The rest escaped, but left some arms and ammunition. These include one M-79 rocket launcher, two M-56 grenade launchers, 39 anti-tank grenades, one M-16 assault rifle, a single-barrel gun, a pistol, ammunitions, two walkie talkies, medicine, a radio, combat dresses, a camera and food items.

According to the Bangladesh Army, the battle took place near the Ruangchhari or Rakhaing Wa village, 10 km away from Bandraban Hill District Town. The operation involved 250 personnel, including police, but only eight commandos were actually involved in the battle, which lasted for about 35 minutes.

The operation also pressure the families in the area of Bangladesh to pay them TK 500 each during the harvest, complained the residents, said an agency quoted a Bangladesh army official.

Sources informed Narinjara news that these Arakanese forces are from the armed wing of the Democratic Party of Arakan (DPA).  DPA is fighting against the Burmese military junta for greater autonomy and democracy in the Arakan state, Burma. #