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Burmese Opposition denounce junta’s proposed roadmap

Dhaka, 31
st Aug 03:  Burma’s opposition political groups including the National Council of the Union of Burma have condemned the recently proposed seven-step roadmap by the ruling junta prime minister General Khin Nyunt by bypassing the results of the 1990 general elections.

In a statement dated 31st August 03, the NCUB stated that Khin Nyunt’s roadmap is nothing other than ensuring the Burmese army’s leading role in the politics of Burma disregarding the democratic and national aspirations of the peoples of Burma.  Whoever should draw up the roadmap, in fact, any such endeavour should compulsorily be done by consulting Daw Aung San Suu Kyi led National League for Democracy, which was entrusted with the people’s mandate in the 1990 general election.

The attempt to revive the national convention stalled since 1996 can never benefit the people, it said.  The NLD withdrew from the convention, as it can neither realize the national reconciliation nor the multiparty democracy, nor even help author a constitution acceptable by the majority of the people.   For this reason the attempt to revive the national convention is an attempt to disregard the decisions made by the United Nations on matters related to Burma, and also the national reconciliation and dialogue as demanded by the internal and external forces.

NCUB concluded the statement by declaring its resolve to frustrate the Burmese SPDC junta’s all attempts to its own roadmap, and continue NCUB’s stand beside the peoples of Burma till an effective “political intervention” through the UN is realized, and the legal people’s power reinstated.

In another joint statement the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (Foreign Affairs Committee), All Burma Students’ Democratic Front, Democratic Party for a New Society, and Network for Democracy and Development demanded that Khin Nyunt’s roadmap is revival of the old SLORC/SPDC junta organized national convention, never recognized by the United Nations, aimed at lengthening military dictatorship, ignoring the will of the people.

The Central Executive Committee of the Arakan League for Democracy in exile in a statement published on the same day also denounced the proposed Burmese junta leader’s roadmap, which the party demanded as an attempt to put an end to the people’s aspirations of a democratic country and federal republic where all the peoples would share equal rights besides rendering the results of the 1990 general elections ineffectual. 

Burmese opposition political parties became critical as soon as Burma ‘s new Prime Minister General Khin Nyunt announced a seven-point roadmap towards democracy including “ free and fair” elections to be held under a new constitution on Saturday.  #