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Karen National Union denounces self-appointed Burmese premiere’s statement

Dhaka, 1nd September 03: 
In a statement released on September 1, the Karen National Union (KNU) denounced the newly self-appointed Burmese premiere’s ‘roadmap’ based on the State Peace and Development Council junta’s presently stalled “National Convention”.

KNU, terming Khin Nyunt’s speech as not a “roadmap” but a “road-lost speech”, rejected outright the demands made by the ‘so-called premiere of Burma’ as absolute lie.  Without the inclusion of such matters as release of all the political prisoners including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, investigation into the Depeyin Massacre, conflict resolution through dialogues and resolution of the persisting economic crisis Bo Khin Nyunt lied by telling that there has been progress during the SLORC/SPDC era.  SLORC or State Law and Order Restoration Council junta was the name assumed by the present SPDC junta when it seized state power by killing thousands of democracy demonstrators in 1988.

The statement also said that without improving the all-round situation in Burma the SPDC junta has only aggravated the situation and took heed of neither the United Nations, nor the ASEAN nor the world at large.  The junta has rather tightened its grip by brutal repression of the people and threatening the peace and stability in Burma

The KNU concluded by calling upon the democratic and justice-loving nations to put continued pressure upon the Burmese junta and urged all the nationalities and opposition to step up their struggle against the junta.  #