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Forced collection of money for conducting civil defence training in Chin State

Kyauktaw, 3
rd September 03:  The ruling State Peace and Development Council junta officials have been engaged in forcefully collecting money and rice for conducting civil defence training from across Paletwa Township in Chin State the western part of Burma, sources in the town said.

Beginning last month when the junta began compulsory defence training for the civilians what they demanded as ‘to prevent a war from outside’, the township people have been ordered to give kyat 500 and 25 kgs of rice for the support of the defence training. 

The number of conscriptions for the civil defence training is as follows:  Bawloongwin Quarter  70 persons + 140 on reserve = 210; Samirwa Quarter  60 + 120 reserve = 180; Labawa Police Station  70 + 140 reserve = 210;  Daletmay Village  50 + 100 reserve = 150, and Bwi-ung Village  70 persons + 140 on reserve = 210. 

The food for the entire training has been directed to be realized from the township people.  Besides the civil dfence training has created a lot of difficulties for the people as it is being done during the monsoons when the staple food, rice is cultivated.

The hill peoples including mostly Khami, Mrung, Mro, Daingnet, Chins and also Rakhine have been conscripted for attending the training opened in the township.  #