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‘100 killed in attack on Aung San Suu Kyi convey’

Dhaka, 7th September 03:
Up to 100 people were killed and an unknown number of women raped in the area of northern Burma where pro-democracy opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s convey was attacked on May 30, Radio Free Asia said Friday, according to today The Independent quoted from AFP. 

A pro-government activist interviewed by the US based station said the Rangoon junta organized a cover-up to conceal the number of dead, and that the strike on the Nobel laureate’s convey was carefully organized.

The man, who was paid to take part in the accident, said on the night of May 30, the junta official hired men to dig makeshift graves in Depayin Township, northern Burma.

“Later, they brought the bodies, may be 100 there, including people who were alive with serious injuries,” the man said in the interview.

Scores of bodies were later taken to a local crematorium, RFA said. Sources in Rangoon told AFP in early June that the death toll from the clashes was around 80.

Narinjara learned that there are a number of today local newspapers in Bangladesh have mentioned this news story .#