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Arakan State Peace and Development Council Chairman in deep trouble after demolition of a mosque in Arakan

Akyab, 9
th September 03: Arakan State Peace and Development Council Chairman, Major General Maung Oo is in deep trouble right now, after ordering the demolition of a mosque in Akyab (Sittwe), the capital of Arakan state, according to a reliable source.

On 21 July, Major General Maung Oo gave an order to local police personnel to demolish the alleged mosque, which was built in front of Akyab University without permission from the Religious Ministry of Burma. The order came from MG Maung Oo after the Muslim leaders denied the State level high court’s verdict to demolish the mosque.

During the demolition of the mosque, members of the muslim community started a riot, which resulted in a skirmish with police in which several people were injured including police and Muslim women. The mosque was completely demolished by the police.

Just after the demolition of the mosque, the Muslim leader of that area informed the accident to a powerful Muslim businessman, Shafi Aullar, from Singapore. The Muslim businessman is a business partner of Re Naing Win, the son of Prime Minister Khin Nyunt, and they all own a large amount of ventures (businesses) in Singapore and Burma. Furthermore, the muslim businessman is very close with Khin Nyunt, he has a lot of investments in Burma.

As soon as the message was reached the hands of the Muslim businessman, he complained and informed the demolition of mosque to Khin Nyunt. Khin Nyunt was dissatisfied about the accident and later ordered the Chairman of Arakan state to rebuild this mosque immediately under the supervision of the Chairman of Arakan Peace and Development council.

At the present, the mosques is being reconstructed under the scrutinous supervision of Major General Maung Oo.  A local businessman said that Major General Maung Oo’s image and dignity was affected by the accident and people are still interested in the accident, eagerly awaiting the future outcome. #