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A New Decree From the Chief of Arakan

Akyab, 10
th September 03:  A new decree has been issued by the Chief of Arakan, the chairman of the Arakan State Peace and Development Council, and this decree is creating hardship for the town people in Akyab ( Sittwe), the capital of Arakan state, according to our correspondent from Akyab.

In the decree, the Brigadier Maung Oo is ordering the town people to fix the public gutter in front of their houses, with their own money.  Failure to follow the decree costs a fine of 10,000 Kyats and a month in detention.  Hence, the city dwellers have hastened to fix the public gutter since August the 21st of this year.

According to a trader who commutes to Bangladesh, some people, who are cash strap, have had to pawn or sell items such as bicycles or family jewellery to fix the gutter.  The same trader commented that, “This Commander in Chief of Arakan is the worst ever one, and everyone is scared of him. He comes to Arakan just to suppress the Arakanese.”

Though the decree to fix the pavements and gutter in Arakan’s capital, Akyab, was issued last April, the residents of the city have not obeyed.  Hence, the SPDC chief issued a new decree.

Since the city municipal council did not have any budget to fix the roads damaged by heavy rain, the city-residents, businesses, and transport business were forced to contribute to the fund.  Since the economy has not been doing well, business people have been struggling financially.#