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End of military rule in Burma?
Sajiad Ahmed Rumy , 10th September 03:

It is good news indeed that Burma is marching towards democracy, a long demand of its people of that country. We were surprised to read the news that the new Burma Prime Minister General Khin Nyunt has offered a roadmap to democracy and we hope that it finally works to end 40 years of military rule. Under a democratic set up the potential of the country and its people will find many avenues of flourish. The country will hold free and fair elections under a new constitution.

But it reminds us of the debacle in 1990 when the popular party was denied the opportunity, as the military junta did not want to relinquish power to the people. They also did not care to listen to the public demand to release popular leader Aung San Suu Kui and others who have been fighting for democracy in Burma.

Many of the South  Asia countries have seen ruthless military rule for decades. Though pursuance of effective programmes, experiencing torture and deaths, the people in most of these countries could finally establish democracy. The story of the creation of Bangladesh is unique in this respect. The people had fought a vicious mix of Pakistani military and civilian autocracy for decades and after a successful guerrilla warfare driven the occupied forced to oblivion. Had the country not been free today, it would have existed only as a colony of West Pakistan and nothing better. If fact no nation can blossom with all its potential under a military rule as the men in uniform never allows to take long-term plans for development with civilian involvement.

We hope the military junta in Burma will keep their words by holding a free and fair election in the immediate future after releasing all political prisoners. Burma has a lot to offer to the world community from its rich basket of culture, traditions, values and religion.

It will also benefit by opening its door for new ideas and technologies that are need to modernise a country.#