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Clash with police leave several Burmese Muslim refugees hurt

Cox’s Bazaar, 23 Sep. 03:
  At least fifty Burmese Muslim refugees were injured in a clash with police on Sunday in a refugee camp in southeastern part of Bangladesh.

According to UNHCR-run Burmese refugee camp officials at Kutupalong under Cox’s Bazaar district, close to the western Burmese border, the clash followed the arrest of two Rohingya camp-dwellers Azim Ullah and Jasim Uddin.  The police arrested the two on allegations of being involved in criminal activities.The refugees tried to snatch away the arrested when they got locked into an hour-long clash with the police and paramilitary troops. 

In the aftermath fifty-eight Rohingya refugees suffered injuries while the police demanded that four policemen were also injured though they named only three.

Seven women members of the refugee camp were arrested while most of the men fled to avoid arrest and police harassment. 

The refugee camp houses about seven thousand Rohingyas in makeshift thatched huts who are waiting to be repatriated to their homes in Rakhine State in western Burma.  A total of about sixteen thousand refugees in two camps remain to be repatriated, according to camp officials. 

“We don’t want to go back to our homes as the Burmese junta cannot guarantee us of citizens’ rights” a resident of the camp said. He added, ” even if we go back we don’t get the right to earn our own livelihood like other non-Muslim residents there. We can’t even travel to the nearest town without the compulsory ‘pass’ from local village chiefs.” #