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National Council of the Union of Burma on its 11th founding anniversary

Dhaka, 23rd September 03: The top anti-junta coalition of Burma in a statement expressed their renewed pledge to lead the struggle for establishing a democratic federal union.

In a statement dated 22nd September, marking its 11th founding anniversary, the National Council of the Union of Burma vowed to join hands with anti-military forces at home and abroad till a democratic federal union is realized in Burma.

The NCUB is composed of the Democratic Alliance of Burma, the National Democratic Front, the National League for Democracy  Liberated Area, and the Members of Parliament Union.  “Though the people of Burma comprising of various nationalities gained independence from foreign colonial and fascist rules through unity, the military dictatorship (ruling junta) has failed to solve political problems through just means.  The dictatorship,” it alleged, “is to blame for the civil war and dictatorial rule.  The junta has not only rejected the results of the 1990 general elections but also the UNGA resolutions calling for reconciliation by a tripartite dialogue.”

By committing the premeditated 5/30 De-peh-yin massacres the Burmese junta has changed from the peaceful means of conflicts resolution, it added.

The coalition also alleged that by trying to stage a sham “National Convention” the military dictators would only try to perpetuate their rule.  By launching armed offensives the junta is only abusing their power to suppress political freedom in the country including that of the National League for Democracy (the largest political party of Burma that won a landslide in 1990 general elections held by the junta), the statement said.  #