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Two Deserters Arrested in Arakan State


Maungdaw, November 7: Two deserters of the Burmese army were arrested recently by the border security force (Nasaka) in Maung Daw, bordering Bangladesh, according to a police official of Kamaung Site Police Outpost under Maund Daw.


It has been revealed that on the 18th of October the Nasaka arrested them, based on the information received from the village council chairman U Kyaw Mra Aung of Re Nouk Tha Village of Maung daw Township.


They were identified as Kra Tun Aung ( P.V. No-907421) of LIB No. 525 based in Linkhey town in the Southern Shan State Command, and Kyaw Naing ( PV.No-964457) of LIB No. 345 based in Buthidaung of the Western Command.


At present, the western command is demanding all local village headmen of the Arakan state, to inform to the nearest army outpost whenever deserters arrive in a village, said a village headman of the area.


"The two arrestees were recruited by local military battalion under the law of the 1995 compulsory recruiting system. They were unhappy in army service for discrimination policy among the army personnel", said their family, "So, the two fled to their native village in 1997."


Currently,the numbers of army personnel fleeing from Burmese service are growing and the strength of the Burmese army is weakening by the day. The local authorities of the Arakan state are on the look out for deserters to arrest, who are then taken back to the headquarters of their respective battalions, said a police official from Maung Daw, who asked not to be named. #