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No Cane for the Sugar Mill


Kyauk Taw, November 13:  The only sugar mill in Arakan State, the state-owned Kyauk Taw Sugar Mill will not produce any sugar due to the lack of sugar cane, according to an official from the sugar mill.


Since the local cane growers did not provide sugar cane to the factory, the mill will be closed for this year and during last year the mill run only for seven days.


Since the government started paying a price for sugar below its market value, the cane growers turned to rice; hence there is no cane supply for the mill.


Though the mill was to pay 2500 Kyats for a ton of sugar cane, the mill purchasing authorities tampered with the weight measurement, to give less money to the growers.  At the same time, money to the cane growers had not been paid on time.  Hence, the cane growers decided not to grow cane, but rice.


“This is an act of defiance and protest. If they want to arrest us, then we might as well be arrested.  There is no benefits from growing cane, that is why all the growers agreed not to grow cane, this year,” says a cane grower from the region.


In Kyauk Taw Township, there are about 20 villages that normally grow sugar cane. Those villages that produced sugar cane last year were (1) Malar, (2) Mauk Taung, (3) Thar Zee, (4) Thone Soung Zu, (5) Shwe Pyae Houng (6) Shwe Pyae Thaet (7) Aa Lae Kyan, (8) Kaung Htot, (9) Kyauk Gu Su, (10) Aa Lae Kyan Kalar (11) Monn Thar Taung, (12) A Htaet Pautt Taw, (13) Aut Pautt Taw, (14) Kyauk Ta Lone.


The Kyauk Taw Sugar Mill used to produce a sweet alcoholic beverage instead of sugar, en mass.  Arakanese people used to say that the Sugar Mill was used by the Burmese government to corrupt Arakanese people through alcohol.  However, the alcoholic facilities were moved to main land Burma, due to the low supply of sugar cane in Arakan.


It has been learnt that Sugar cane is harvested during October and November, and it is planted in December or January. #