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Communal violence stopped by community


Sittwe , November 14:A brawl between an Arakanese student and a Muslim student was about to erupt into communal violence, but the community leaders managed to resolve the situation, according to our correspondent from Sittwe.


On October 29, in front of the Muslim mosque, on May Yu Street, Rae Nwe Zu Quarter, Sittwe, a 16 year old Arakanese high school student Kyaw Zin Khant (son of U Maung Nyunt of Rupa Taung Quarter) had a fight with a Muslim student of the same school (State High School No 1 of Sittwe). 


The fight was spreading between the people from two communities siding with their respective students, but the elders and community leaders stopped it.


The local authority has increased the presence of security forces on the streets, so as to not spread the nation wide communal violence between Buddhists and Muslims into Sittwe.


The State Peace And Development Council of Arakan State is working hard against the communal violence as Sittwe appears to be swamped with military intelligence agents and their informants.


The capital of Arakan State, Sittwe, is prone to communal violence, and on February 2001, the communal violence erupted, leaving many people dead, hundreds arrested and 30 houses burnt to the ground.  The cause of that conflict was believed to have been an instigation of two Military Intelligence agents disguising themselves as Buddhist monks and starting an attack on the Muslim community. #