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No Forced Labour, Please: The Burmese Border Authority Request the Local Authorities


Maung Daw, November 25:  Since there have been reports of forced labour in Maung Daw and Bu Thee Daung Townships by the local authorities, the Burmese Border Authority Nasaka located in Kyi Gan Byan, Maung Daw issued a request to the local authorities of Nasaka to stop the use of forced labour on 14 November, a town police official told our correspondent.


The request came after an UNHCR official complained to the Nasaka area No (9) Regional commander, Major Ran Naing Soe.  The complaint outlined that the local military had been exploiting adolescents and students from the region through forced labour.


The request urged the troops not to use the local population as forced labour, and if they must use the people for their labour paying fee, that a photographic record should be kept of these matters.  The local troops must also explain to other troops passing through their areas, not to make use of forced labour.


Throughout the Arakan state, the local authority uses civilians to build the barracks, roads, transportation vehicles (including military hardware), and tilling the military-owned rice paddies.


It was learnt from local headman that the local Nasaka area No (9), based in Taung Ba Zar Village, Bu The Daung Township, use high school students for forced labour. #