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Military Junta western commend collects taxes from black trading vessels


Sittwe, December 2: It was reported that the Western command H Q. charged tax on all illegal trading boats coming from Bangladesh and boats from Burma going to Bangladesh with contraband goods.


It was reported the Western command organized a toll collection office in Golden Mungan river port, which is about 10 miles to the north of Sittwe.  All the boat trading contraband goods between Burma and Bangladesh are taxed from this office.


This tax office has been operating for some time.  Former divisional commanders, Major General Win Myint and Major General Aung Htwe started illegal taxations by establishing black trading boards.  A businessman said, there is nothing that stands in the way of a black trader after he had paid the amount charged by the toll.  Hence, a black trader import and export contraband goods freely to any country.


Allegedly, two hundred and fifty dollars are charged for a boat, which is an export, Burmese goods to any other country. Charges are made in dollars because the Euro is substituted for American dollars and Kyat and Taka are not accessible.


Usually Bangladeshi black traders carrying fertilizer, cement, and medicine come across the Bay of Bangle to Shwe Mungan river port and in their return to Bangladesh they carry salt, London cigarettes, 555 cigarettes, and all kinds of alcohol to Bangladesh.


All Burmese businessmen already know that Burmese products are going out of the country illegally and that black traders are paying tax to the Military toll collection office.


A businessman said that medicine and fertilizer exports are contraband materials in Bangladesh, and also Burmese salt, cigarettes and alcohol are contraband materials in Bangladesh.


The Bangladesh government confiscates the above-mentioned contraband materials if they are found on any trading vessels.  However, in Burma these contraband materials can come in and out freely.


As Shwe Mungan is a dollar accessible river port, the military regime still has not shown to take any action against black trading based in this port.


Shwe Mungan is ten miles far from down town Sittwe.  It was established as a river port to act as a centre for legal border trade.  Now it has become the centre of black trading, as many boats dock and depart. #