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Army demolishes village for making recreation park


Sittwe, December 16: Army has demolished 100 houses from Kya Mothouk village nearby the headquarter of the Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 20, Sittwe Township, on 29 November to construct Nadarwan Garden Park for the recreation of the soldiers, said a headman from the village.


Most houses were situated in the eastern side of Sittwe-Kyauk Tan motor  road.


It is also reported that along with the village settlement paddy fields, gardens and forests are belonging to Kya Mothouk villagers were taken over by the army without the villagers being given any compensation.


The homeless and landless villagers are now pitching on a virgin land situated  near their abandoned village.


U Hla Soe Aung, former member of township councilís house was also demolished, even though he has served for State Peace and Development Council for many years.


The Kya Mothouk village had been along the Sittwe-Kyuak Ten motor road for the past 100 years before being destroyed by the army. #