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Border trade revenue more than expectation

Dhaka, December 18
: In border trade between Burma and Bangladesh, Banglageshi custom earns Taka (TK) 45 million equivalent to US $ 777470 within 5 months from July to November, this year, which crossed the expected revenue-earning target, a Bangladesh popular daily The Ittefaq reports on 15th December.

The custom department had estimated that the earning could be TK-138 million within 5 months, but practically they earned TK-184.89 million crossing the revenue target, told custom department of Chittagong to the reporters.

Md Abdul Gofur, the custom superintendent of Chittagong said that from Burma side goods that fishes, turmeric, jujube dry and pickled, spices, shoes, sandals, Burmese lungyi, blanket, dry fishes, rice, paddy, bamboo and cane coming to Bangladesh, but 70 per cent of revenue comes from fish import, the newspaper add.

The paper further says, from Burma goods those illegally entering Bangladesh are 3-rifle brand cloth, China made torch and battery cells, wine and beer of different types. On the other hand, from Bangladesh side among the smuggling goods medicine, fertilizer and US dollar are mainly mentionable.

The officers said that if the smuggling could be stopped, Bangladesh would be benefited by far.

Add report, that by a 7 days border visa Bangladeshi traders can travel up to Sittwe (Akyab), the capital of Arakan state, but they are allowed to buy commodities from Maung daw nearest border town.

The ships from Burma shall anchor at the jetty newly inaugurated at Naf River near border town of Teknaf as per agreements, it says. # 

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