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49 Rakhaing Nationals captured from Thai water
Malaysia is their destination

Dhaka, Dec 23: Thailand authority captured 49 Rakhaing nationals from its territorial water from a motorboat found floating on the way to Malaysia from Arakan of Burma, airs RFA this morning session.

They were arrested by Thai authority on 16th December when engine of their boat became disorder, now they are sent to Ranoung custody under Thai immigration law.

The news further says that detainees are all from Sittwe, the capital of Arakan state, and trying to enter Malaysia illegally to find jobs.

Among the captives there are several 14-15 years teenagers, the radio says.

They have been short of food and drinking water for at least ten days when they were found by the Thai authority.

At present people of Arkan state are moving to neighbouring countries or to Burma proper to avoid oppression, torture, forced labour and acute unemployment crisis, it is learnt. #