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Forced Labour Continues in Arakan

Sittwe, December 28
: Despite the junta claims that there is no forced labour in Burma, there have been incidents of forced labour continue to happened in Ann Township, Arakan state.

Between November 15-20th, 25 villagers from May La Maung village of Ann Township had to collect material for the building and forced to build them without receiving any wages.

This incident occurred under the direction of Captain Thu Raine Htun, the commander of Ann region under the Western Command. The buildings are to house the engineers and workers for the Ann-MaEi road building.

Similarly, 30 villagers from Ka Zu Kaine village were forced to clear the shoulders of the road.

According to the local sources, the road between Ann and Ma Ei building has progressed to half a mile by the end of November, and the regional military authority are getting the local people to “volunteer” at the road building by saying that “you should work to build the road you are going to use, and who else would come and build for you.”#

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