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Danyawady Calender been censored

Sittwe, December 29
: Danyawady Calender has been censored and hence it will not be able to use the same title that has been used for so many years.

Previously it has been called “Danyawady Rakhine Calender,” but from this year, it will have to be called Danyawady Rakhine State Calender.

Arakanese people use Arakan as “Rakhine Prye or Rakhine Country” in Arakanese language, and the military authority viewed such use as Arakanese people longing for their lost sovereign and independent past and hence weaken the Unionism of the country. Thus, junta forbids using Rakhine Prye, according to an Arakanese writer.

“One cannot use Prye as the suffix to Arakan (Rakhine). One has to use Prye Naee (State). A writer used to called himself Mrat Saw (Rakhine Prye), now his pan-name has to change as Mrat Saw (Rakhine Prye Naee),” the journalist explains.

Danyawadi calendar is culturally important for Arakanese farmers since it shows the culturally significant dates in regards to their rice plantation and cultivation. The calendar has been cultural bearer and one of the last living cultural heritages of Arakanese people, with its traditional approaches to time.

The calendar has been in publication since 1929, and in 2004 it will be 75th edition. The junta censoring such traditional significance is an insult to Arakanese people and their tradition.#

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