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Maung Daw Authorities detain 3 Muslim youths

Maung Daw, Dec 31
: 3 Muslim youths were arrested by Maung Daw township authorities of Arakan on 27th December, reports our correspondent.

The arrested youths are (1) Adunasim, 21, son of Shweyur (2) MD Aryu, 13, son of Abu kalan (3) Annawa, 15, son of Abu sawyur who are residents of Kanyun Dan quarter, Maung Daw town.

The three youth demonstrated their complaint with posters against Maung Daw authorities that forcedly demolished 26 houses of Myoma Kanyan Dan quarter to construct the government buildings on December 27.

The posters claimed “ we have no crimes except being Muslim, do treat us as a human being, petition to be submitted to religious organizations, provide us with healthy environment, provide us with clean and healthy water”, a source said.

The report says 26 Muslim houses were forcedly demolished by police, border security force Nasaka and Military Intelligence (MI) numbering 250 under direct command of president of Buthe Daung-Maung Daw district administration, Lt cornel. Ran Myo Aung. #

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