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EPB to hold three single country fairs in Rangoon, Sydney, Toronto

Dhaka, January 04: Encouraged by last year’s single country fairs organised in two countries, the government is going to hold three similar fairs in three continents in the next four months, according to today’s The Daily Star.

The fairs aimed at expending markets for Bangladeshi products will be arranged in Rangoon, Sydney and Toronto, sources in the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) said.

The trade shows are billed for March 1-4 in Rangoon, Burma, April 4-7 in the Australian city of Sydney and May 9-12 in Toronto, Canada.

“We are organizing the fairs to help local manufacturers display their products and make business contacts with the buyers,” said an official of EPB.

EPB recently held a meeting with leaders of different chambers and trade associations and discussed the preparations for the single country shows.

Last year the government organised two similar fairs, one in Rangoon in March and another in Paris in November.

“The response was excellent. Almost all the participating companies received significant amount of export orders during the fairs and afterwards,” the  Official said.

 A total of 25 companies participated at the three-day show in Paris.

Bangla-German Latex Co Ltd, a joint venture condom manufacturing company which participated at Paris show signed and agreement with Freedom Latex of France during the fair. Under the deal the French company will import condoms worth $ 1.5 lakh annually.

Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) showcasing various jute goods at the fair also attracted customers from France as well as some African countries.

Besides, Picard Bangladesh Ltd, a leather goods producing company, and Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd are expecting to make separate business deals with Carrefour, a French chain store giant, within a few days, EPB sources said.

Products of Monno and Shinepukur Ceramics have also attracted customers while local software company Anupam Infotek Ltd has been able to set up business links with five French companies during the fair, the EPB official said.

Some Bangladeshi companies signed contracts with their Burma counterparts during Bangladesh single country fair in Rangoon in March.

Businesspeople think Bangladeshi fertiliser; jute and jute products can find way to neighbouring Burma where Bangladesh already exports pharmaceuticals, textile fabrics and leather goods. # 

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