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A Battalion Commander Forced To Resign

Buthe Daung, January 8
: Lieutenant Colonel Win Myint of Buthe Daung Military region of Arakan State resigned from his military service, as he was unable to carry out duties assigned to him, in the last week of December 2003, reports our correspondent.

The reason behind his resignation was that he could not fulfil his quota in recruiting at least two new soldiers a month.

Lt. Colonel Win Myint, personal number ‘ka’- 16303, is the battalion commander of Light Infantry Battalion- 233 based at Buthe Daung, which is under the control of the Military Bureau (1).

According to the sources from the military, the commander of the Western Regional Command, General Maung Oo forced him to resign since Lt. Colonel Win Myint could not fulfil the recruitment order.

At present fresh recruitment for arm forces are in vigorous speed in Arakan Province.

The recruitment policy of the Army is that a brigade is responsible to take in at least ten new soldiers each month, two for each battalion and one for a company. It is also reported that every military personnel must recruit at least two more soldiers in order to get his retirement. #

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