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Prices Rise in Arakan as the Salary of Government Servants Increase


Sittwe, January 9: The prices of basic commodities have sky rocketed

after the Burmese government increased the salary of Government



The salary increase, effective as of this January, has seen the

price of cooking oil increase from 1400 kyat a viss (1.75 kg) to

1500 kyat, Onion from 600 to 1200, Garlic 700 to 1000 and chilli

1500 to 1800 in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan state. All the basic

commodities except rice saw their prices increase.


The price rise is affecting the wage earner (non-government

employees) and the fall in the rice price has meant bad news for



The military government ceased the supply of rice to government

servants, and replaced it with 5,000 kyat a month on top of the

normal salary starting from this January.#