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Burma Stops the Export of Basic Commodities

Sittwe, January 10:The
Burmese military authority of Arakan state has banned the export of basic commodities to its neighbour, Bangladesh, as of January the 5th.

The banned commodities are rice, cooking oil, salt, chilli, onion, garlic, and items that are used to produce cooking oil such as peanut and sesame seed.

There has not been any incident, where these commodities have been prevented from entering Arakan, the western border state to Bangladesh, but the permit to transport such commodities through the townships bordering mainland Burma, has been cancelled.

It has been reported that these commodities have been sent back to their place of origin.

With the ceasing of these border trade commodities, the trade between the Arakan State and mainland Burma has also slowed down, hence the price of these commodities has risen sharply in Arakan state.

It is reported that the military junta is attempting to control the price of basic commodities by controlling the foreign trade of these commodities. #

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