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SPDC using cultural troupes for propaganda, defaming democratic forces
Maung Daw, January 11
: In the wake of immense national and international criticism for scuttling the democratic aspirations of the people, the Public Relation Department of the Defence Ministry of the Burmese military government is now using cultural troupes for propaganda and defaming democratic forces.

State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) -- military government of Burma -- is sending culture troupes across the country to spread their propaganda to the remote areas. The troupes include actors, dancers, singers and musician.

It is learnt that theme of these plays and songs revolves around praises of the military government and defaming the Opposition Leader and the party.

But what is most tragic is that the common people are being forced to pay for the expenses of the cultural troupe visiting their villages.

The military authorities have been imposing heavy toll for this on the owners of business units and even small units like bars, teashops, groceries, restaurants, boarding houses and all kinds of operations related to agriculture.

The military has been charging kyat 5,000 from teashops, kyat 10,000 from boarding houses, kyat 20,000 to 30,000 from big business and farms, respectively. The community of Maung daw had to pay the above rates when a culture troupe performed on the nights of December 3 and 4. #

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