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Western Military Command Continuing Grabbing Private Owned Land

Sittwe, February 6
: Western Military Command is confiscating land owned by general people and turned them into military property.

The land confiscated for military use by ‘cha-ka-kha’ (9), the headquarters of Military Operation Planning Bureau under Western Military Command in the months of December and January 2004 are plot No Kha/ 639 near the mile stone 176/3 under Aung Fru Bran village track, plot No. Kha/ 667 near mile stone 160/1 under Yotayook village track and plot No. 676/1 under Thaydaw village track and the plot No Khagway/ 629 near the milestone on Sittwe - Ann highway. All the lands confiscated are under Ponnagyun town ship.

It is further learnt that the land owned by public were grazing fields and farming lands.

“ The land confiscated by military are grazing fields and farming land traditionally owned by village community generation after generation,” said an official of land survey department of Ponnagyun Township.

For further confiscation of the land owned by the farmers, the official of land department has been given order by cha-ka-kha- 9 to survey the lands at the both sides of the motor road of Sittwe-Rangoon near village Thaydaw under the same township and as per order the land department are continuing to survey the land.

Since 1988, under the same system army has confiscated the lands in Kyauk Taw Township, acre 892.72 for army compound, acre 1699.75 for growing paddy, acre 65.75 for horticulture, acre 37.82 for grazing field, acre 30.85 is canals and water reservoirs, remaining acre 377.63 hilly area and acre 377.63 land used for various purpose, it is learnt according to record of survey department, Kyauk Taw. #

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